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Created 13-DEC-1999
Updated 15-DEC-1999

Power to the TUNNEL !

Another piece of the set I attempted to make is the "power" unit which, for some reason, isn't used, nor the power-up sound effect, every time the tunnel "transfers" someone/something (somebody call continuity ! %^) .

I remember spotting the model in a "Lost in Space" episode stuck in a cave with a bunch of other prop pieces, recognizable from other shows. It was about the height of the actors, so, the actual model is probably about six feet high.

The pictures on this page are of the structure as it exists today and was made, in the early seventies, from brass tubing, Ping-Pong balls, pilot light lens, and wheels 'um... borrowed from my brother's car models..

I've STILL not actually installed the lights, nor fixed the inter-sphere mounts, which are "fancier" than the ones on the set model. The animation is a "cheat" done in a graphics package from the statically lit model seen at the left.

From viewing the episodes, I found the spheres should be translucent, either polypropylene or polyethylene would do, but, have been unable to find them in quantities LESS than several hundred.

This modification has been put on hold, or, I may completely rebuild with suitable lighting fixtures.

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