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Model box picture One of the items I would love to get for my collection (at least the box) is the...
Fujimi Mokei Co. Ltd. Model kit.
(# SF1-250)

Want to read a review of this model & take a look at the plans? Then go here!

If anyone has a copy of this model they don't mind parting with please email me at:

Another company (unknown manufacturer, probably Japanese) re-issued this model (year unknown). If anyone has information on this model also, would appreciate hearing from you.

Are you interested in building your own Time Tunnel model? Well Larry Scheflin built one, and here is how in his own words...

When I built my tunnel, what I did was cut a series of Styrofoam rings, each decreasing in size, placed one behind the other. I painted the fronts of the rings black, and kept the centers white. The sections are not oval shaped, but round instead. I didn't think I would be able to cut ovals with the same precision as I was able to make round cuts. I had found a kid's Styrofoam cutter that uses a heated wire the same way a jigsaw cuts wood. The wire cut through the foam and sealed it at the same time. That way there were no rough edges. I cut the centers out at a slight angle facing towards the front so more of the white area was visible, just like in the real tunnel (for as we all know, the tunnel was real - not just some set piece as the government would have us believe). I then took pieces from an Erector set and built a "scaffolding" above the sections on which to hang Christmas lights. I used Christmas lights that have four or five colors, each in sections, so that the green would all light up, the blue, the red, etc. all in random order. Through careful placement of the lights, I achieved lighting different sections of the tunnel with different colors. All blinking on and off. It's very hypnotic.

Anyone else built their own version of the Time Tunnel? If so, please send in your own stories.