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See storylines for each episode by clicking on the episode title. These storylines were taken from 20th Century Fox promotional material for the series. If you wish to add any infomation/comments about any episode please send it to me at:
Rendezvous With Yesterday One Way To The Moon End Of The World
The Day The Sky Fell Down Revenge Of The Gods Secret Weapon
The Last Patrol Massacre Devil's Island
Reign Of Terror Pirates Of Deadman's Island The Death Trap
The Crack Of Doom The Alamo Night Of The Long Knives
Invasion Robin Hood Kill Two By Two
Visitors From Beyond The Stars The Ghost Of Nero The Walls Of Jericho
Billy The Kid Chase Through Time The Death Merchant
Attack Of The Barbarians Merlin The Magician The Kidnappers
Raiders From Outer Space Town Of Terror Idol Of Death

In addition to the series episodes there were five made for tv movies. These consisted of edited episodes and were initially released in the early 1980s. All the movies are available in both 90-minute and two-hour versions, depending on the needs of the individual stations. The movies are:

RAIDERS FROM OUTER SPACE. This includes episodes Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Kidnappers and One Way To The Moon. Two stories set in outer space find Doug and Tony rescuing a fellow scientist from an alien planet, then traveling aboard the first space ship to Mars.

REVENGE OF THE GODS. This includes episodes Rendezvous With Yesterday, Revenge Of The Gods and Walls Of Jerico. Doug and Tony join with Ulysses in his attack on Troy, and enter the city inside the fabled Trojan Horse. Then they find themselves outside of the Walled City of Jericho just before Biblical attack on the city.

ALIENS FROM ANOTHER PLANET. This includes episodes Rendezvous With Yesterday, Chase Through Time and Visitors From Beyond The Stars. A traitorous scientist plants a bomb in the Time Tunnel and escapes into time. Doug and Tony must find him and learn how to stop the bomb. They must also stop an alien vessel from stealing the Earth's food supplies.

KILL OR BE KILLED. This includes episodes Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Day The Sky Fell In and Kill Two By Two. The travelers arrive in Pearl Harbor the day the Japanese attack but cannot prevent the attack. The was continues on a small island where a Japanese soldier engages them in a deadly game of wits.

OLD LEGENDS NEVER DIE. This includes episodes Rendezvous With Yesterday, Merlin The Magician and Robin Hood. The travelers are forced to help Merlin, who's teaching King Arthur how to rid England of the Vikings. Then they find themselves fighting against King John to force him to sign the Magna Carta. There they also meet Robin Hood and his followers.